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The a.malecos photo collection exhibits the work of photographer Andreas Malecos (1938 - 1997). If you want to find out more about the artist, the photo collection or his home country, Cyprus, please read on

Andreas Malecos (1938 - 1997) was born in Cyprus. He studied at the Athens (Greece) University, School of Philosophy and continued his postgraduate education in London. He worked as a faculty member and later he was appointed Head of the Department of Educational Technology at the Pedagogical Institute of Cyprus. From 1994 untill 1997 he served as the Cultural attache of the Embassy of Cyprus in Athens, Greece.

A. Malecos devoted time to photography, building a portfolio of more than 5000 pictures, taken in Cyprus, Greece and various European countries. His photographs were featured in various high quality European publications and were also exhibited in the Cyprus Pavilion at the EXPO'92 in Seville.

The island of Cyprus is located in the eastern corner of the Mediterranean. It's history and civilisation spread for more than 3000 years. It has been an independet state since 1960 after gaining independence from the British Empire.



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